Drink Coffee Travel Often!

Drink Coffee Travel Often!

Proper Coffee Roasters

Melissa Savino

Proper Coffee Roasters located on 105 Green River Road, Evansville, IN 47715

I rated this place a 4.8 out of 5. This place was very rustic modern making it a great place for me to film a Coffee Critic episode. The staff was very supportive about my filming.


The Coffee House: The location was very good. It was in a strip mall with good signs indicating where it was. The interior was clean and kept up. The decor was unlike any coffee shop I’ve seen thus far. They had a rustic modern travel theme. The coffee bar was in the middle of the shop but I didn’t see a menu. They had an old juke box playing soothing music and some old luggage and trinkets. The coffee mugs and tables though were very high end and modern. Keeping the theme of wood and proper. Imagine a well dressed older gentleman with a fancy cigars types office style and that’s what it was.

The Coffee: This is where the 4.8 comes in. The coffee was good but not great. I ordered an oat milk vanilla latte (one of the popular drinks) and my Coffee Clan ordered a honey cinnamon iced latte. The iced latte was watered down and my Coffee Clan actually gave it a 3 star rating. My latte was alright. The coffee mixed with the milk nicely but lost the vanilla taste. It was warm and not hot like i’d expect a latte to be. That being said it cooled down quickly leaving me feeling like I should have ordered an iced coffee.

Final Thoughts: Overall I liked the atmosphere, the latte art was nice and the seating was comfy. The website is very nicely done and showcases the products and coffee well. As far as prices I thought $6.08 for a small latte was a bit steep. So overall I feel the rating I did give was even a little high. If not for the interior I would have rated about a 3.8.