The Red Dot Coffee Co

The Red Dot Coffee Co located at 1261, 505 N Center St, Northville, MI 48167

I rated this place a 5 out of 5. The atmosphere was amazing, the coffee was outstanding and the staff was welcoming and very supportive of me doing a Coffee Critic here.

The Coffee House: The building was an old blue house that was in perfect shape. Since it was a home it made for a very unique coffee lounge. With 3 or 4 rooms to choose from, each had beautiful decor, lots of outlets, a ton of seating (including comfy chairs) and even outdoor patio seating. The decor was very fun to look at and very MI themed.


The Coffee: I tried 4 different types of coffee. I had a Miel which is Spanish for “honey” so it was a cinnamon honey latte. They offered milk alternatives aswell (oat milk and coconut milk). I got my latte with oat milk which left my stomach feeling very light and not bloated like it does with soy lattes. They had very fresh clean ingredients. This latte tasted like fall in a cup with the hint of a cozy night vibe. Perfect if you want a light latte to sip on while getting some work done. I also tried the Nitro brew which woke me up for sure. This drink was outstanding with extra foam and the perfect hot summer afternoon feel. I had to try the house blend too which was good but not really what I would order if I wanted coffee. Generally speaking i’m not very into house blends so take that as you wish. The last drink I tried (to go) was the iced pour over Limu Ethiopia. This was the BEST pour over I have EVER tried by far. I didn’t add anything to it. The coffee blended perfectly with the ice leaving me feeling refreshed and ready for my hour drive home. The latte art on the Miel was beautiful and I could tell the baristas were very talented. The coffee was priced cheaper than a Starbucks and most other coffee houses, ranging from $3-$5 a cup.

Final thoughts: All in all I would definitely go back and buy some merchandise aswell as have another Miel. I gave this place 5 out of 5. Definitely worth the visit If you’re ever in the Northville MI area.