Drink Coffee Travel Often!

Drink Coffee Travel Often!

Pipers Tea & Coffee

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Pipers Tea and Coffee located at 3121 Broadway St, Paducah, KY 42001


This time I had my husband come along with me for my guest (as you know I need at least one other person with me to try a different coffee). I also changed my rating scale to 10 instead of 5. We headed to Paducah Ky about 2 hours away to try this coffee. It’s inside an old Coca Cola factory.

The Coffee House/Location:


The location of this coffee shop was kind of hard to find but if you know it’s inside the old factory than it’s easy to find. It’s location is by a busy street and in a nice area. There were great parking options.  The building also has other business’ inside of it like a pizza place, and brewery. The coffee shop itself was pretty small but had an access of seating and things to look at. I also vlogged this and will be posting soon. The employees were very nice and allowed me to film and told me some cool facts about this place. You can head to their website to check it out! I rated the shop an 8 for how clean it was and how nice the employees were.


The Coffee:

They offer many different types of coffee and teas. The teas looked amazing but..I’m a coffee fanatic so coffee it was, I mean it is a Coffee Critic. I ordered a vanilla latte with oat milk and Vince ordered a Mocha. Together the coffee was $9 for two mediums which is a great price if you’re comparing it to Starbucks. We tried our coffee and it was AMAZING. In fact I gave it a 10 for taste.  It was probably the smoothest coffee I had ever tasted…and the reason was because THEY FORGOT TO MAKE IT WITH OAT MILK. For those of you who have read previous Coffee Critic posts you know I’m very allergic to dairy. I only took about three sips before my throat started getting scratchy and started to close. The barista then ran up apologizing and made me a new one with the right milk. Again, outstanding customer service. I still rated this new coffee a 10. The milk blended with the espresso very smoothly and left a subtle vanilla taste that wasn’t too sweet or strong. Vince gave his Mocha a 9 and said it was some of the best coffee ever.

Final thoughts:

Overall I gave the whole experience a 9 rating. The only thing that would have made it a 10 is if I didn’t have to rush out with a to go cup to Walgreens to buy emergency Benadryl. –> Will be keeping some in the car from now on. I would 100% go back and definitely recommend this place to my fellow travelers.

***I would like to add to my merch and have sone Coffee Critic T’s made. Leave in the comments if this is something you all would be interested in! Thanks and don’t forget to Drink Coffee Travel Often! 

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