Why coffee and traveling?

Way back in highschool I developed a love for coffee (Starbucks of course). As I grew up I realized I really enjoyed traveling. I worked in Yellowstone National park for 2 full summers and that’s what unlocked the traveling need inside. I’ve been to so many places and every time I find myself in a new place I always want to try out a local coffee shop. Who doesn’t want coffee when they walking or driving around discovering new places? So I then put my two loves together. Traveling inspires me and I love meeting new people and trying new things. I love talking to all, the shop owners and hearing what makes them stand out.

Do you ship world wide?

I am just starting out with my business and eventually hope to expand to ship outside the country but as for right now I haven’t worked out all those details quit yet. But stay tuned because that is coming!

Would you suggest Squarespace for new people starting out?

I had a hard time learning all the different controls and options with Squarespace. I do really like the pricing and the layout though so I would say do your research first. One thing I can say I love about it is the ability to quickly edit and add social media links to pages. I also enjoy how easy it is for you to run your shop through this platform because they organize and take care of almost everything for you.