Drink Coffee Travel Often!

Drink Coffee Travel Often!

Drink Coffee Travel Often Behind the Scenes | How I Launched | How I Felt

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Goodmorning everyone! Happy Saturday and thank you so much for being apart of my blog family. I have a new goal for March, post consistently. So to kick off my new goal a little early I want to share with you guys that I FINALLY launched my business. I want to go over how I did it and how I feel currently about it.

My brand: My brand means a lot to me. I love traveling and I of course love coffee (who doesn’t?). So I wanted my name to incorporate those two things and flow. I came up with Drink Coffee Travel Often! Coffee is a comfort to me and I really enjoy drinking coffee and trying out new coffee shops as I travel. When I travel I make it a point to test out new places and leave reviews on my YouTube and social media. Traveling is very meaningful to me aswell. I’m not made of money so I think I’ve found a way to travel often while keeping it cheap. I always say ” Money will come and go but memories last a lifetime.” Thus my little company was born! Once I had my name and the feeling the rest was mainly…products and design.

Coming up with the design: I decided to first start with something simple…T shirts. There are so many outlets out there for making t-shirts. I decided for my first batch (This is not the cheapest option) to go with a local t-shirt printing company here. It’s called graphic wizard. I liked them because I could see the design, feel the t-shirts and change things very easily face to face. I started off with a small batch of shirts with my saying and a small travel mug next to the words. After tons of sketches and a lot of thinking on the font I had my shirt ready to be printed! The shirts took about a week to be done so in the meantime I made my website you can visit here. I chose to purchase the domain name ($20) and I would recommend that. I spent a few days editing it and getting it ready for the launch. I decided to use Squarespace which I will review in an upcoming YouTube video.

Launching my business: I had been hyping it up on my Facebook and snapchat. I decided to launch on my birthday (feb 11th). My thinking behind this is that on your birthday more people are visiting your page and thinking about you so what better day? I picked up my shirts and decided to only launch on facebook for the time being. I went live wearing my own shirt and talked about the sizes, pricing, and what the brand means to me. Something that you might not think about when it comes to shirts is sizing. It was hard for me to know how many smalls, mediums and so on to get. Another reason I choose a local company was because I can have them print more when I run out of sizes. About a week later I had my first photoshoot and after the pictures were processed I launched on instagram. I then made my own instagram business page which you can find here.

I have yet to launch on YouTube and twitter but I’m trying to take it little slow because that’s what works for me personally. So all in all this is the process that worked for me. Remember that even though your friends and family mean well they might not understand your design or like it, don’t let that hinder you from staying true to your brand and going with designs and ideas that you personally think will be better.

Currently: Tank tops and coffee mugs are in the works! I have had a lot of you request it and I can’t wait to launch the next designs!

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to check out my website on drinkcoffeetraveloften.com