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Drink Coffee Travel Often!

Succulent Studios:

Subscription BoxesMelissa SavinoComment

Goodmorning everyone! This will be my new blogging platform as my Wordpress account got deleted randomly and i’m not sure why. I wanted to write a post about the Succulent Studios subscription box and the company.

About the Company: The succulents are grown in Cali using only organic media fertilizers. The succulents you receive are 8 weeks old. Each succulent comes planted in coconut coir and potted in a 2" biodegradable, earth-friendly pot that is carefully secured in its box (that is what the website says but neither of my shipments were in a biodegradable pot…).

I decided to give this company a try back in febuarary. This box comes with 2 love succulent, a care guide and a card telling you about your plants. It is $16 including shipping a month. It took about 2 weeks to get to me and when I received it my plants were half dead and one of them was completed snapped off the roots. I was very disappointed especially with how much I paid.

I contacted the company and they were very accommodating and nice.. They told me to try to bring the back to life, and after much trying it wasn’t going well. I contacted them again and they said they would send me a brand new box no charge.

The second box arrived in the same time frame as the first (they do ship from California and i’m currently in Michigan so I understand it takes a bit) needless to say I was impatient with excitement. When my second box finally arrived I was very pleased! Both the succulents were alive, healthy and not snapped off. They didn’t include the care guide with this box or what the names of my plants were but i’m just happy they survived the shipping truck!

Succulent Studios redeemed themselves in my mind. Would I order again? Probably not however if you love your plants and succulents I would recommend this company. They have outstanding customer service and have a very cool story.