Drink Coffee Travel Often!

Drink Coffee Travel Often!

Sincerely, the girl who wants to love coffee:

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Alright coffee clan! As promised here is Madi, owner of Lines of Faith’s blog post in collaboration with my brand. Enjoy!

Hey coffee clan! My name is Madi! I am the creator of Lines of Faith, a faith-based blog
& ministry that focuses on equipping women with study and encouraging them to
embrace their testimonies.
I recently met Melissa through a mutual friend & fell in love with her drive and
entrepreneurial spirit.

I watched her start Drink Coffee Travel Often and just rock every minute of it & so when
we decided to collaborate and work together on a few things I just couldn’t say no!
But before I write about what her brand means to me- you need to know something
about me….I am not a coffee fan.
I know, I know- this is a sin here. But give me a few paragraphs to explain myself, okay?
I may not love coffee, but I LOVE the message behind “drink coffee travel often”
First- let’s talk coffee.
So, most days you will find me at my desk, with the messiest bun (owning it, friend), a
London fog in my most favorite mug & working on my God-sized dreams and plans.
It’s not coffee, but its a coffee mug.. does this count?
That’s beside the point… my point? It’s a routine. It’s what brings me JOY & it’s what
fills me up.
So despite the fact that I can’t convince my tastebuds to fall in love with your kind of
drink, I can 100% support your coffee routine- your MUST-HAVE start to your day.
Y’all create some pretty incredible routines around coffee- I am IMPRESSED
& I TRULY just love how much JOY it brings you all.

Guys- I wanna love it. I’ve tried. Believe me… my husband and many of my relatives
have force-fed (can you feed someone a drink?) me their go-to coffees, fancy lattes &
flavorful fraps, but I can’t.
But… I CAN get on board with this whole routine thing.
There is nothing wrong with a good morning routine based around something that fills
you up and sets you up for a productive day.
This is sort of how I feel about starting my day in His word.
It’s a routine that I’ve made for myself that helps set me up for my best possible day.

Without it- I am at a complete loss… yes coffee friends, I have SEEN some of you
without that coffee… chaos am I right?
Coffee or not, there is an importance in finding that consistent routine with Jesus.
And there is just something wonderful about doing so with that “cup of joy” in your
hands (tea for me most days).
Now let’s talk about travel.

Well… I don’t travel as often as I’d like to, but I have done my fair share of it.
Between working in New York City & the Hamptons, Boot camp graduation in San
Diego, road trip to the West Coast, mom & daughter trip to Sedona, Moving to Beverly Hills (very short lived), working in LA and living in North Carolina for a few years- I have SEEN and experienced a few things.
What I experienced through travel was actually what introduced me to my truest self.
I figured out life.
I found out who I was and who God wanted me to be.
I experienced pieces of life that shaped me and made me who I am today.
Through travel, all of my uncertainties about life and purpose became so clear.
Now, I don’t get to travel as much anymore (life with a one year old is CRAZY)
& I don’t really drink coffee (again.. I am SO sorry).
But I BELIEVE in this message.
I believe we should DO what fills us up.
I believe we should find something that brings us joy and CHOOSE it everyday.
I believe we should GO and experience life and new places to experience ourselves.

So, sis… drink all that coffee (or tea if you’re like me) and travel where God might be
leading you to go because you never know what He could do in that place.
Create a coffee routine & STICK TO IT!
Go one town over & see what’s there & of course… rep this wonderful brand while doing so! Seriously.. these hats are to DIE for!
Thank you Melissa for creating a fun and unique brand that is EASY to stand behind
(whether you drink coffee or not) & thank you for your sweet personality and wonderful
I may not drink coffee but I definitely feel welcomed into this amazing coffee clan!
Now… since I am at the right place (the home of you coffee critics & the go-to spot for
coffee lovers) what coffee should I try next? What coffee shops do you recommend me
trying out? Remember… I wanna love it friends – HELP ME OUT!!!
The girl who wants to love coffee