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Hey coffee clan and welcome to another video! I've been so excited to try this coffee and it did not disappoint! We tried Silencer Smooth, and Murdered Out. A light roast and dark roast. We used the French press but it is recommended that you do a pour over.

our roots

Welcome to coffee heaven. Here at Drink Coffee Travel Often we love coffee and we love to travel. That can include simply traveling 3 hours away just to try out a new coffee shop that opened or grabbing a cup of coffee on your way to another state you’ve never been too. To us this combination symbolizes the freedom to make memories. That cup of coffee is the start to new friendships, new places you’ve discovered and so much more. We encourage everyone to try new things and to fill your soul with new memories you create while on the road!

CEO Melissa Savino says “I started this company from my little home I was renting in February 2019. We didn't have a lot of money but my husband and I love to travel. We also love coffee. So I started a youtube channel where I recorded our travels and of course all the coffee along the way. I decided I needed a catch phrase of my two joys: traveling and coffee. My husband came up with Drink Coffee Travel Often actually. I instantly fell in love with this idea! It gave me hope and made me smile. Soon after I came across a cute little coffee shop in Ohio of all places and had some of the best coffee ever. At that moment this idea came to me. The idea of traveling to all different types of coffee shops and trying the coffee, meeting the owners, and creating relationships with the employees and owners. Thus my little spin off “Coffee Critic” was created. Soon after that I dove into making my dream more of a reality with some merch. The fist T-shirt “Drink Coffee and Travel Often!” was created. Now it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come. I love seeing everyone wearing my merch and enjoying traveling while doing so!”

She calls her following : Coffee Clan. We continue making new friendships and relationship with many people who are like minded and have a passion for coffee. We encourage anyone and everyone to post on social media tagging us when you travel so we can see your journeys!